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  • ONLINE Yoga Empowerment Bundle Erika Faith -
    Erika provides students with a soulful, encouraging space to know empowered strength, become the openness needed to flow with life, and experience healthy relaxation for harmonizing the body, mind, and heart. She guides you with Honor, Integrity, and a lot of Love! Practice anytime, anywhere with Erika, year after year. Each class is 90 - 120 minutes. This package includes 27 Yoga Practices for all levels of students. Approximately 50 hours of Yoga to inspire your home practice.
    27 Lessons 47:17:37 Hours English Alllevels
    $56 $270
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  • Yoga For Mental Health Erika Faith -
    Join Erika for 28 of her signature classes that elevate the mental state and turn on the light of peace.
    36 Lessons 35:13:58 Hours English Alllevels
    $56 $280
    0 Ratings
  • Flow Yoga to Tone, Strengthen, Energize Erika Faith -
    26 Uplifting Yoga Practices ranging from 3 minutes to 120 minutes in length.
    31 Lessons 43:12:25 Hours English Alllevels
    $56 $260
    0 Ratings
  • Gentle Yoga for Healing and Releasing Erika Faith -
    22 Easy Yoga Practices from 15 minutes to 105 minutes long.
    22 Lessons 25:20:48 Hours English Alllevels
    $56 $220
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  • Connect to Your Inner Divine Erika Faith -
    Join Erika in this All-Level, 90-minute soulful practice that reconnects us to the Divine light within. Rest in the sacred space. This kind of Yoga holds you unconditionally. This all-level flow both restores and re-awakens our whole body, mind, and spirit.
    1 Lessons 01:42:41 Hours English Alllevels
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