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About Our School

Cloud Nine Yoga is a family-owned, grassroots Yoga School that has always operated outside the box. We began as a one-woman show. Our Yoga Fairy Godmother, founder Erika Faith Calig, came out of Sonoma State University in 1997 with a degree in Transpersonal Psychology with emphasis on Yoga Therapy for Mental Health. She quickly immersed herself in Advanced Yoga Training from White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA. By 1999, she was an Ordained Minister, Reiki Master-Teacher, and Yogacharya teaching 14 classes per week between South Bay Racquetball Club, Torrance Memorial Hospital, and The Body Therapy Center in Redondo Beach, CA. Students flocked to her classes, praising her compassionate and dynamic classes, filled with poetry, aromatherapy, good vibes, and things ʻnormal yoga teachersʻ didnʻt do. When the Yoga trend went viral, Erika was in perfect position. Because her teachings and approach were so unique and accessible, several students encouraged her to create an In-Depth Yoga Study Course. She said YES! and abracadabra it was so. The Mothership Set Sail! After 9 months cruising the seas of Yoga together, her first generation of instructors graduated with honors and over 800 hours of practice and adventure. It was truly a transformative time they spent together. The healing power generated from this first triumph formed the basis of the Cloud Nine Yoga 200 and 300 hour curriculum, which happened to include several features like Kirtan Concerts, Self-Realization Sunday Services, and bopping around the L.A. yoga mecca taking classes from various famous teachers (Shiva Rea, Erich Schiffman, Ana Forrest, Brian Kest, etc). There were retreat days to mountain hideaways and Surfing Yogis on the beach. Erika introduced her students to Ram Das, took the Bodhisattva Vow with the Dalai Lama of Tibet, and regularly attended darshan with Sri Mata Amritananda Mayi (The Hugging Saint). It became apparent that Erika was a leader like no other -- a colorful soul of inspiration, playfulness, and an embodiment of Love. She helped everyone realize we are all teachers, we are all students, and we are all Enough.

In no way did the learning ever stop! Erika went on to be hired as a Full-time Lecturer with CSU, Fullerton in 2001. For nearly 7 years she taught thousands of spiritually hungry young minds the art and practice of Yoga -- not just Asana and Pranayama (posture and breath) but how to live happy, healthy lifestyles. Her students were on waitlists for her Kinesiology 246 classes, champion athletes offered accolades regularly to coaches who brought her in to teach Yoga pre-game, and she found herself helping students with various projects outside the classroom including the creation of video, audio, and social campaigns (way back in the days even before MySpace)! Yes, she was in her hay-day of creative flow and it birthed international retreats to Peru, Bali, Costa Rica, and Hawaii. It also nourished her further studies in Neuroscience, Biofeedback, Art Therapy, Dream Analysis, Astrology, and Plant Medicine.

When Erika found out she was pregnant in 2007, things started getting even more interesting. Knowing a baby was on the horizon, she deeply considered her future as a free-spirited professor. It suddenly did not feel sustainable or right in her belly. Something had to shift. Erika left the prestigious University position and left to explore the next frontier -- motherhood. Simultaneously, longtime students were beginning to feel ready to run their own Yoga Trainings and shared their dreams with her. It was apparent that she could no longer do it all herself. With a growing family and the need to nest for awhile, Erika franchised out her Cloud Nine Yoga brand so her teachings could live on through her beloved graduates. Of course, they had all become longtime friends by now - and those hand-picked teachers received the baton to do exactly what Erika did in their own beautiful, unique way.

Through her Yoga School, Erika helped many studios begin and sustain their businesses throughout Southern California. She has been a consultant for Corporate Health Programs, written articles and training Manuals, taught for Yoga Works, become a lululemon legacy ambassador, and is truly a Yoga Mama to many. She continues today, from her home in Kauai, the personal mission of Healer, Leader, and Mentor to a vast Yoga Community that keeps growing. To learn and be in her presence is Magic and must be experienced to understand.

Along with Erika and her support of many talented faculty and guest teachers, we welcome you to our Online Yoga School. Come to snorkel, dive, or become a mermaid in these sacred waters. You will be studying with the Best of the Best, with an experienced crew that can navigate these ancient ways. Here, become what you always dreamed you could be. Fully, honorably, joyfully YOURSELF. We will see you on the mat!