VIRTUAL MENTORING: Support For Yoga Teachers

A Bi-Monthly Mentor Hour with 30-year Veteran Yoga Trainer, Erika Faith Calig, founder & director of Cloud Nine Yoga School. Take part in an on-going real-time cohort of Yogis from around the globe. Membership is annual and begins as soon as you sign up!

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What will I learn?
  • Confidence in Managing Your Yoga Business
  • Yoga Teacher Continuing Education Hours
  • Mastery of Fundamental Teaching Methods
  • Knowledge of Functional Anatomy
  • Ability to work with all types of students & bodies
  • Strengthened Command and Presence
  • Deeper Connection to the Essential Teachings of Yoga
  • Aquire Permission-based & Trauma-Sensitive Language
  • Refreshed Skills, Sequencing, Personal Practice
  • Inspiration to Embrace a Yoga Lifestyle Fully

Curriculum for this course
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  • 200-hr Certification or similar degree.
  • At least 1 year of regular Yoga Practice + Study.
  • Willingness to ask the Questions, even the dumb ones!
  • Participants get the most out of being present in real time.
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Are you a Certified Yoga Teacher yet still need encouragement and a helping hand from someone who has already walked the path?

Do you find yourself wanting to share Yoga after a 200-hr training but still feel like an imposter?

Are you a certified instructor that never really learned the deeper practices or how to modify postures for real people?

Believe me, you are not alone! Even Yogis who have been teaching awhile may find their classes stagnant or just in need of new inspiration. We can always use guidance from a wise mentor for a Great Leap Forward!

Becoming seasoned takes time, but it can happen faster with a strong, experienced, and wise mentor. Join Erika Faith Calig, E-RYT 500, a 30-yr veteran Yoga Teacher and Director of Training for Cloud Nine Yoga School - Yoga Alliance Registered at the highest level since 2002.

Meeting bi-monthly, you'll greet Erika and other yoga students like yourself in an online, face-to-face forum for direct Q & A. Your "Yoga Fairy Godmother" will help you make your teaching goals come true! As a sounding board for all your challenges, fears, and questions, Erika will help you minimize fear, enrich your teaching skills, provide real support for situational struggles, and help you truly master the art of guiding students with grace. From colorful and inquisitive in-class cuing, strengthening voice/command, overall confidence building, and stand-out sequences - you will help students achieve yoga techniques effortlessly!

We will:

  • Take questions in advance and answer them one by one, while also taking time to interact with online participants. Erika takes every question to heart and will answer them thoroughly, and with great care, so you can take the wisdom gained from each discussion and utilize it right away.
  • Organize accountability groups where you can connect with other teachers in your area for additional peer support.
  • Provide opportunities to share sequences, receive coaching, engage in goal-setting, and try-out methods of teaching inside the forum. The skills we teach you will go right to work in your life.
  • Listen to your stories that describe the challenges Yoga Teachers face in the classroom, but also with organizations, social media, insurance, continuing education, Yoga Alliance Registry, and negative student or public interactions. We understand what happens and will guide you appropriately.
  • Teach the ethical values instilled in the tradition of Yoga philosophy and assist you in integrating it into your own personal ethos, life as a whole, and be able to gracefully weave the themes into classes.
  • Create specific content that is engaging, unique, and geared to the proper audience. Our meeting format enhances your reach, extending your business network and exposure to amazing humans with similar values.
  • Promote a positive atmosphere for community building, collaborations, and further study.
  • Give BIG discounts for future educational programs, training immersions, and online courses through Erika's School, Cloud Nine Yoga.

You will come away from each Mentor Meeting with:

  • Confidence that you can reach more clients and maintain them
  • Enriched understanding of all Yogic Techniques - especially Asana & Pranayama
  • Exciting new ways to style your classes and create memorable practices for students
  • Clarity about the steps to take to build a devoted following and make more money
  • New insights on how to work with motion restriction, special needs, and athletes
  • A more refined knowledge of anatomical and physiological functions
  • Less fearful of stepping into leadership in all aspects of your life
  • Confident in your authentic skills, personal talents, and voice command
  • Free from big question-marks lingering in your head about what it is to be a Yoga Teacher
  • Totally supported and encouraged to be your best self!
  • Fully empowered to help students achieve their practice goals
  • Mastery of Integrity, Communication, and Yoga Teaching methodology

... and inspired to open your life to magic and miracles by being all that you are!

Save over 40% when you sign up for a full year of Mentoring - only $399 for the annual membership. This includes exclusive access to Erika's online yoga classes, archive of Mentor Hour meetings, and a 20% discount on all workshops, events, and trainings for the entire year.

Your Yoga Fairy Godmother is here to light the Way!

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Erika Faith is the founder and director of Cloud Nine Yoga Schools, nationally recognized by The Yoga Alliance at the highest level since 2002.

Erika lives by trusting that miracles are waiting around every corner. She has been teaching yoga since 1995 and built Cloud Nine Yoga School in 1999, seeking to create a healing environment through a permission-based model for learning the practice of Yoga. She does this through affirmation, reflection, humor, music, poetry, and prayers. Erika inspires people to find their own source of wholeness by asking the deeper questions that bring personal insight, community awareness, and connection with the Great Spirit.

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