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Self-Paced, pre-recorded curriculum. Continuing Education Hours for Yoga Alliance. Cloud Nine Yoga offers a variety of informative, progressive topics such as Teaching Trauma Informed Yoga, Vedic Astrology, Body Psychology, Anatomy of the Subtle Body, Yin Yoga, and Tantra. Relevant material and deep inquiry for Yoga Teachers who want to take their personal practice more colorful and holistic - as well as honor the new subject matter arising in our teaching environments. This is an enormous collection of 27 beautiful, heartfelt workshops - with over 50 hours of recorded lectures - from a broad spectrum of veteran Yoga Trainers.

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  • 60:24:59 Hours On demand videos
  • 41 Lessons
  • Video archive access
  • Access on mobile and tv
What will I learn?
  • Continuing Education for 200/300/500 RYT's
  • Enhance Your Teaching Skills, Strengthen Knowledge
  • Learn New Approaches to Practicing & Teaching Yoga
  • Renew Your Personal Health & Wellness
  • Build Your Healer/Mystic Toolbox

Curriculum for this course
41 Lessons 60:24:59 Hours
Main Module
27 Lessons 60:24:59 Hours
  • Lecture 1 02:04:05

    Modern Day People: You In Motion + Tending The Roots -Trinity

  • Lecture 2 02:46:02

    Movement Assessments + Releasing Day-to-day Body - Trinity

  • Lecture 3 01:43:11

    Body Psychology: Releasing Patterned Responses - Linda

  • Lecture 4 03:03:59

    The Power Of Teaching: Cuing, Sequencing, Themes, & Extra Added Yums ** - Erika

  • Lecture 5 01:49:26

    Sacral Chakra Anatomy: Getting Real + Letting Go - Trinity

  • Lecture 6 02:28:05

    Sanskrit + Vijnana Bhairava Tantra - Erika

  • Lecture 7 02:00:50

    Applied Ayurveda For Daily Living - Erika

  • Lecture 8 02:52:42

    Preventing Injuries + Modifying Postures (Approach, Props, Adjustments) - Delaney

  • Lecture 9 02:08:53

    Touch Therapy: Thai Yoga, Bodywork, Reiki, & Raindrop Technique - Erika

  • Lecture 10 02:46:21

    Vedic Astrology Wisdom: A Guide From The Cosmos - Dani

  • Lecture 11 01:56:57

    Decompression Session - Interbody, Intercommunity - Trinity

  • Lecture 12 01:24:06

    Chakra Healing Meditations - Erika

  • Lecture 13 01:50:19

    Fear Melters: Coaching Clients & Private Lessons - Crystal

  • Lecture 14 02:15:15

    Full Body Beliefs Of Mind-heart-body - Trinity

  • Lecture 15 01:53:09

    Oracles Of Inspiration: Tarot For Yoga Teachers - Dani

  • Lecture 16 02:52:14

    Head & Neck Anatomy + Help To Release It - Trinity

  • Lecture 17 01:43:28

    Tbfm, Asana Refinement, Living Yoga & Self Care - Trinity

  • Lecture 18 02:43:17

    Pre/post Natal Yoga - Erika

  • Lecture 19 02:05:47

    Watercolor Art Meditation - Erika

  • Lecture 20 02:39:59

    Tbfm, Creaturespace, Tracking Our Evolution - Trinity

  • Lecture 21 01:43:07

    Trauma Sensitive / Service Yoga For Ptsd & Underserved Populations - Erika

  • Lecture 22 02:20:21

    Making Malas: Lei Meditation & Song - Erika

  • Lecture 23 01:42:38

    Adaptive Yoga For Motion Restriction / Special Needs

  • Lecture 24 02:58:27

    Yoga Play For Kids: Childrenʻs Yoga

  • Lecture 25 01:52:29

    Yoga For Seniors

  • Lecture 26 02:59:27

    Ethics & Nvc: Compassionate Communication + Conflict Resolution

  • Lecture 27 01:40:25

    Asana Stories

  • Yoga Teacher with 200-hr Certification
  • The desire to deepen Yogic knowledge & teaching skills
  • An open mind and heart
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Enhance your Yoga Training and Certification with Erika Calig, E-RYT 500, founder of Cloud Nine Yoga and special guest faculty from our abundantly talented Cloud Nine Yoga community. 

Cloud Nine Yoga offers A Lifetime of Learning

Continuing Education ~ There are many valuable and nourishing modalities that work well with Asana-based classes. Therefore, we have workshops and training in a wide range of supplemental and complementary techniques. Yoga is not just a movement practice. It involves a relationship with all aspects of our human conditions, metaphysical states, and mental health. In our School, we go way beyond the ancient and modern practices of Hatha Yoga and venture into the vast subjects from many of the world’s mystical traditions. Some are new, some are old, and some are ageless.

We know the value of connecting. Healing ourselves is the first step. The next is to bring our relationships to optimal health. This means our partnerships in love, work, and family. But it also means our impact on the Earth by means of our actions, behaviors, and consumerism. Our wish is to advance the understanding of who we are as humans in this Web of Life, so that we increase the resources, and fulfillment, as well as stabilize the structures so that we can sustain life. All beings must thrive in our hands! Given our technologies and advancements, utilized properly and morally, we can improve the quality of life everywhere.

These workshops are meant to create Heaven On Earth. Take the course to enhance your practice and life, so that you become a positive ripple effect on others! Erika Faith Calig is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider for Yoga Teachers.

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Erika Faith is the founder and director of Cloud Nine Yoga Schools, nationally recognized by The Yoga Alliance at the highest level since 2002.

Erika lives by trusting that miracles are waiting around every corner. She has been teaching yoga since 1995 and built Cloud Nine Yoga School in 1999, seeking to create a healing environment through a permission-based model for learning the practice of Yoga. She does this through affirmation, reflection, humor, music, poetry, and prayers. Erika inspires people to find their own source of wholeness by asking the deeper questions that bring personal insight, community awareness, and connection with the Great Spirit.

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